Stud Dog Used In Our Breedings

Beier vom Nordstern

D2, HZP 189, HN, HD-A2, FW. V
Trained, owned, and hunted

by Jesse Freese

Beiers handler had no prior experience training for or testing in the DKV/JGHV system.

Confirmation Survey: Nice male head, nice top line and bottom line, good front line.  Front angulation correct. Rear angulation correct. Nice substance. You can tell this is a male dog from a distance   




His use of nose and desire to retrieve on water is undeniable as reflected in his HZP score of 12 in search behind the duck. The Judges explanation for the 12 in search behind the duck: An extraordinary wide, intense and independent search under the most difficult conditions, without any influence form the handler. The dog found several ducks.



Beier has a calm quiet disposition and lives in the house with his family. When time for hunting comes, he turns the switch and is ready to go to work. With his fine nose and solid pointing he hunts the forests, fields, and wetlands of Minnesota and the Dakotas. In the forest he hunts with a natural close range and in the open grasslands he ranges out yet always hunting for the gun.