Stud Dog Used In Our Breedings

Bosko vom Dakota


D1, VJP 69, AZP1,
VGP 1 309 pts. V,
 Btr, HN,A-2

Trained, owned, and hunted
by Todd Waite

66 cm (app 26in), (75 lbs)

Conformation highlights include Old style German Head, Forechest and dept correct, Movement coming and going correct,  Great bone, Very dark pigment great presense  







Bosko Pups

 "X" Litter 

Basko is a combination of several successful lines of DK.  The female line was a combination of Hege Haus and Pottsiepen.  The male line is down from Madlage with  dogs strong in Pottmes line.  Basko’s grandfather is Sam vom Dehlme Horst.  Sam was a very desirable male in Germany know to throw very good working dogs and very good nose quality.  Basko is a V male at 66 cm at 75 lbs.  He exhibits a strong Hege Haus type male head. 

In the field Basko is a powerful field dog with a wide search (4H AZP).  He demonstrates exceptional use of nose.  Equally as powerful in the water. 

He was completely steady at 15 months.  It is rare to give him a command twice.  This is a dog that has been trained and tested by Todd not a professional trainer.  His performance is verified with his testing scores D1, AZP1 and VGP1;  all prize ones. 



Basko is kept in the house and a calm traveling companion.   He is at home and happiest with people. 

Though he has had success in testing, Basko excels in hunting.  Hunting primarily wild pheasants.  I have had several dogs and he is the best that I have owned on running pheasants. He is a staunch pointer and excellent retriever.


He is sharp on predators, but does not go looking for them.  He has never had an issues with other K9’s and has never been in any dog fight.  He is a house dog and exhibit perfect mental stability.   He is a very complete dog