Breeding Program

Our goal is to produce the very best Deutsch Kurzhaar’s  that can be offered, for the family that wants a companion and great hunting dog.    We are serious about preserving and improving on the qualities and attributes that made the Kurzhaar the great versatile dog they are today.

The use of a breeding standard set by DKV:

All dogs used for breeding at vom Gänsehimmel are DKV/JGHV tested prior to any breedings and have had hip radiographs. A dog qualifying for breeding at vom Gänsehimmel must:

1.       Meet all requirements set worth by the DKV.

a.       Have the Hips approved

b.      Meet conformation Standards

c.       Meet minimum testing requirements

2.       They must be a dog we are comfortable living with and hunting with.

3.       We must feel they are the quality of dog  that we want to represent our Kennel.

4.       Have a sound temperament; good coat and conformation.

5.       Demonstrate exceptional hunting performances on wild birds and waterfowl.

Since all dogs at vom Gänsehimmel are tested, we obviously believe in the JGHV breeding approach. The JGHV system is based on a testing system under which German breeds were developed; one which is rooted in the science of animal breeding and selection under this evaluation system.  But just as important to me is how the dogs hunt and how easy they train.   So while some are basing their breeding on test scores and titles I base ours on hunting abilities. Our observations in the field on wild birds is very important part of our evaluation process when deciding were to go with our breedings.   While spending over  90 days annually in the fall hunting only wild birds, our dogs are under constant evaluation to see how they handle the hunting of the Hungarian partridge, sharptail grouse, and wild pheasants, along with ducks found locally here in North Dakota.  


If you're thinking about a new hunting companion, the JGHV performance base testing system.  Along with thoughts of  form and function will help to make sure  you are getting a good dog..    The parents, grandparents, and great grandparents are by far the most important part of the breeding equation for obtaining a top performing dog.  Make sure you study the pedigrees of all generations before acquiring a dog expected to meet your expectations.   The test that our dogs do are compatible with most hunting situations that a person comes upon.   Field searches, Duck searches etc... 

If you are looking for a hunting dog, make sure your breeder hunts and his expectations are as high or higher than your own.   Ask how much he hunts and where.   If you are also looking for a family companion inquire as to the calm personality of the parents and if they live inside the home or if they are merely kennel dogs. This questions  should be a simple one for the breeder to answer.      Ask whether the breeder trained and tested the dog he is breeding or has hunted with it.   You will find that many breedings that the breeder might not own the stud this is not uncommon.    Just ask about the Stud and why the breeder is using it.   If the stud was trained and tested by the owner or not and if it is hunted.  Try to find out what it will take to train your new dog.  I personally prefer dogs that anybody can train.  To know this one must train their own dogs not have them sent away for training. 

By posting our ahnentafels, one can view the parents, grandparents and great grandparents, individually, and see their testing accomplishments.   If you have any questions on what the test are and how they relate to hunting contact me and lets visit about it.

When serious sportsmen begin researching for a new hunting companion, the Kurzhaar should be considered as a sound possibility for a versatile dog that will also serve as an excellent family member.   This breed  possesses the characteristics that bring the Kurzhaar to the front of all the versatile breeds.

My personal thoughts on what is important to us when breeding. 

I do not care to produce small dogs.  I will never breed to put out little dogs male or female.   I don't mind an average size but I will not breed to produce less than that.     I will always try to breed for the best conformation that I can.  But a great looking dog is not the most important thing  a Strong Nose, with strong pointing and steadiness is very important along with cooperation (relating to how easy the dog is to train).    I like large male heads that I will always try to keep.  I like a strong bone structure.   I mention coat above, I am looking for dogs that have a dense coat, a good length and not soft hair and prefer an almost harsh (coarse coat), I had always looked at the belly of the dog and expected to find hair covering most of the underneath.      Condor (Gabe) pictured below is an example of what I look for in male.  Head, bone structure, ears, size of body, and coat all are were I want them. 

Having a goal and thoughts of what we like other than the perfect Kurzhaar gives us a  breeding program.   Our goal is to keep what we have and work ahead.  Only by working with the known can we make sure of what we have.   Constantly switching dogs does not give one a breeding program or line.   All it gives you is pups.    I am always open to visit with others and this has helped me to create a program such as we have now.    After having a dog finish 3rd in the top international test the 2007 IKP,  and having another one from our kennel finish 5th in conformation in 2008 Kleemann we feel we have a program we can continue to build on.   Along with the fact that we want dogs that will hunt and we know that what we have will do that for you.   I can honestly say that our Kurzhaars are as good as any others and better than most gun dog breeds.   There is also some information available on the About us page

Der Nachteil bei diesen Anbietern liegt darin, dass man Fotos bei Dritten liegen hat - und im Falle der Account-Löschung auch alle Bilder hier im Forum verloren gehen.We have h      We are proud to say that we have ran our dogs in the test that are available and know what it takes to get them through.   We have received the Derby, Solms, and VGP breeders award from the NADKC.