DK Information

The (DK), DEUTSCH KURZHAAR, is a registered German Shorthair  through the DEUTSCH KURZHAAR VERBAND (DKV), which is the registering body in Germany for shorthairs. We are a German registered kennel and follow the rules of the DKV. To learn more about the DK club of North America (NADKC), please visit any of the links listed here to improve your knowledge. There is a lot of information to be found on any of them.

To be approved for breeding (Zuchttauglich), a DKV-registered dog must have:  Passed at least one of these performance tests: Solms, HZP, or VGP.    Been evaluated at least "Good" in a Zuchtschau.   Been approved "Hip Dysplasia Free" as evaluated by the DKV (x-ray sent to Germany).

DK's are subject to meeting standards before they are bred, the end result should be a better dog.  To learn more about any of these subjects, visit one of the sites listed and research or e-mail me. I will point you in the right direction or e-mail you something on the subject or find the answer.

DKV dogs are named before they are 8 weeks of age. The first litter of a German registered kennel begins with "A" then every litter for that kennel afterwards begins with the next letter. It is not by female but by kennel. Pups are also micro-chipped, and registered with the DKV before 8 weeks of age. All registration is done before the owner gets the pup.  

 The  DKV has 2 clubs within North America the  DK club of North America (NADKC) and the Vereingter (United) CanAM Deutsch Kurzharr Klub (VCDKK)  The NADKC is the older of the w clubs and there are links to the clubs below.  The Canandaina Club was reorganized in 2006 and became the VCDKK.

North American Deutsch Kurzhaar Club   (NADKC)

Vereiningeter (united) CanAm Deutsch Kurzhaar Klub (VCDKK)