vom Gänsehimmel  Kennel Facilities


Our Building was built  in 2003.   With heated floors, covered runs, and windows in the inside runs.


  We have 6 runs with inside and outside space.   The outside runs are 4x10 and the inside ones are 4x5.   We did not go with just boxes inside as we wanted the dogs to have space to be inside when the weather is really bad.   We can have weeks when it is 30 below.  As stated earlier I do have a heated floor in the inside runs.   I also have an overhead heater for quick warm up, or sudden temperature changes.

A couple of the inside runs.  I have inserts to lock the dog inside if need be.  Or when we have pups or young dogs that should not be outside.

The outside runs are covered keeping rain and snow off, but also our hot summer sun.  


The inside area I have space to work the dogs  during hot days or extremely cold days.


Please if your in the area feel free to stop in and visit us and our dogs.