Breeding Females In our Kennel


Molly vom Gänsehimmel  0206/13

D1, AZP1 FW: SG HD frei (A2)(DKV) 
Black with white on Chest




Molly Pups
"T" Litter
"V" Litter

"W" Litter
A daughter of Cali and Cole,  she has the intensity of Cali and we got the cooperation of Cole giving us a dog that is great fun to hunt with.   Her drive and enthusiasm shows in her water work and her field searching.  She was recognized  for excellent field work in her fall test with a 4H.   Molly has an excellent nose, this along with her intensity on point makes her a great dog in the field.  She has been very steady since she was a young dog.   She is a great family dog with lots of affection.
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