Stud Dog Used In Our Breedings


Gentleman von Baden

ZB Nr. 0261/18

 D1, S1, VGP2 (338 points), VBR, HN, HD B1,
Fw: V1

 64 cm (app 25in), (75 lbs)

Owned, and hunted
by Chad & Jen Kunz

Conformation highlights include male of medium build (64 cm) has excellent bone strength, an expressive  male head, beautiful ears, a dry neck, an ideal back line, a correct underline and chest depth and a very good forechest with absolutely correct gait." The form value V1 has already been awarded to him twice.  






Jack Pups



Gentleman shows impressive performances in the field, forest and water. He has mainly hunted for small game, where he works with tireless will to find. In the field, he shows long-range searches with great drive and a high nose, his manners on game are impressive. He has already been able to prove his enormous passion for water and his excellent qualities as a retriever on numerous duck hunts. He is intense on predatory game.




Gentleman has a very friendly nature, is affectionate and absolutely compatible with other dogs. He lives as a full-time working dog and family member, and was raised with his litter brother, other dogs and small children in the house. In addition to his hunting qualities, he can also hold up very well in everyday life. He is strong-willed yet has a wonderful temperament, a perfect companion.


He comes from a very homogeneous, powerful, and shapely litter and proven bloodlines. Through his grandfathers Tobias KS vom Hege-Haus and Oliver KS Pöttmes, he combines the best Hege-Haus and Pöttmes blood with the best Theelshof and Rothenuffeln blood. His mother Arrabiata KS von Baden and his grandmother Blaulicht KS Contiomagus are tried and tested dogs of high form and enormous performance.