Last Hunts



Barney         1991-2007

You were the first to steal my heart. 

  Hunt With An Old Dog
Author Unknown

Because you will not be forever,
Hope against time though I may,
Paint your picture in my memory,
Eyes blue with age, muzzle gone grey.

Because you hunted with me in Springtime,
Puppy-clumsy, running free.
As you grew, we grew together--
You became a part of me.

Because I shared with you my sorrows,
Not understanding-- simply there.
Often spurring me to laughter--
My friend, you know how much I care.

Because the years have slowed your fleetness,
Though your spirit still is strong.
I promise I will take more time now,
So that you can go along.

Because you do not fear the future,
Living only in the now,
I draw strength from your example--
Yet time keeps slipping by somehow.

Because the day will soon be coming
When I will no longer see
You rise to greet me - but in memory
You will always hunt with me.

Deutsch Kurzhaar

Amos vom Gänsehimmel
Bailey you took me through my first DK test.   There was nothing you would not do for me.

Hella vom Eichelspitz 1997-2009

You introduced us to a great breed the DK.   Your soft gentle nature and abilities impressed us so much.

Deutsch Kurzhaar

Asta vom Gänsehimmel
You were so special and the time we had with you was great. 

You were our first pointing dog, with a special place in our hearts.

Dabo Pöttmes
You loved everybody and brought a lot of joy; but only had one master.  Happy Hunting

 Ilka vom Osterberg

You brought so much to our lives, with your offspring, but also brought us so many more friends. 

Cole vom Gänsehimmel
Great Dog Pride of the Kennel

Cali vom Rahe
You were a once in a life time dog that gave me much joy in hunting impressing all that seen you not  only with your looks but also with your ability.

Olga vom Gänsehimmel
Such a sweetheart, great looking and lots of fun to hunt with.

Emma vom Gänsehimmel
A wonderful first dog with both parents from our Kennel. 
 Beautiful to look at a joy to hunt steadiness like her grandmother (Hella)
Molly vom Gänsehimmel 

Molly vom Gänsehimmel

A great female that brought us much joy in hunting and the home dearly missed.

Luger vom Gänsehimmel 
A gentleman's dog what a joy and love he had for hunting..