Past Litters

Some of Our "F" Litter at about 4 weeks of Age
Each of our previous  Deutsch Kurzhaar litters have been well thought out with advice from others.  Our desire is to produce a pup that is easily trained by a beginner and a great hunting dog.

Our "B" Litter pups


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Our "J" Litter at 10 days of Age

In 2022 we completed the Alphabet and also restarted it with our 2nd "A" Litter.  The 2 litters were born a day apart.   The 2 pictures below commemorate the occasion.  Valeska and Ronja (Lucky) weeks before they were due, they Valeska and Lucky with the puppies a few days after they were 3 weeks old.   We staged nothing these were their doing we just caught them.
Our "Z" and "A" Litter pups

A  Litter
We have been happy with our past pups and we can give you references of people that have our pups.   I have hunted with and worked with our pups, so I can tell you what I have seen.  Please view our past litters and individual dogs from the menu above.
NOTE: For Current litters or planned litters please  click appropriate links.    If you wish to be put on a waiting list please contact us.
Hella vom Eichelspitz Ilka vom Osterberg Cali vom Rahe
A Litter 2001 Satan Rote Hecke C Litter 2004 Zorro KS Pöttmes G Litter 2008 Condor vom Gänsehimmel
B Litter 2002 Greif von der Malittenburg D Litter 2006 Zorro KS Pöttmes H Litter 2009 Axel vom Beaver Creeks
Asta vom Gänsehimmel F Litter 2008 Dabo Pöttmes J Litter 2010 Axel vom Beaver Creeks
E Litter 2007 Cole vom Gänsehimmel Flora vom Gänsehimme L Litter 2012 Cole vom Gänsehimmel
Emma vom Gänsehimmel   O Litter 2014 Joker vom Gänsehimmel M Litter 2012 Cole vom Gänsehimmel
I Litter 2009 Condor vom Gänsehimmel Q Litter 2015 Joker vom Gänsehimmel Molly vom Gänsehimmel
K Litter 2010 Vito vom Osterberg S  Litter 2016 Joker vom Gänsehimmel T Litter 2016 Ilex von der Wacholderheide
N Litter 2012 Joker vom Gänsehimmel       V Litter 2017 Ilex von der Wacholderheide
P Litter 2014 Joker vom Gänsehimmel       W Litter 2019 Beier vom Nordstern
R Litter 2015 Joker vom Gänsehimmel       Valeska vom Gänsehimmel
Nina vom Gänsehimmel         X Litter 2020 Bosko vom Dakota
U Litter 2016 Luger vom Gänsehimmel       A Litter 2022 Bosko vom Dakota
Ronja vom Gänsehimmel            
Y Litter 2021 Aluke vom Spielschwein           
Z Litter 2022 Gentleman von Baden