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 Congratulations!  Fall of 2014;  Dale and Joker on Joker receiving his VC (Versatile Championship) title through NAVHDA

Marilyn and Nina on receiving a strong "V" rating in conformation

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Our planned breedings for this  fall/winter (2011).  

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Cali vom Rahe  0224/05
(D1, S3, S1), FW: SG1 HD frei (DKV) Schwarz  (Black)

Planned Litter:  (Cali x Cole)

Anticipated Whelp 29 December 2011

We are proud to announce our  breeding of Cali.   We have tested Cali through the German system and are very happy with her.   She is a very good hunting dog and family companion.   She is an average size female weighing 55 pounds.   She is very steady  on point, and works heavy cover very well.   She is not afraid to work tree rows and does a very good job at this.  She is a pleasure to hunt with and backs naturally.   Very good hunting dog.  When Cali hunts with me hardly a command is given it is all pleasure.

We have decided to breed Cali and Cole.   I have had them both since they were pups,  trained and hunted them.  I feel this is going to be a supper match.   They are both very steady,    They are correctly balanced with prey drive and pointing to make them a joy to hunt with.      Cali has produced great dogs as has Cole, conformation and ability  wise.   Both of these dogs are hunted regularly and do an excellent job.

The Ahnentafel below is for a similar breeding (Condor x Cali) 

Ahnentafel  for this litter

Draft Pedigree for this litter 


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  Deutsch Kurzhaar: Cole vom Gänsehimmel

Cole vom Gänsehimmel 0084/05 
 [S1(J), D1,VGP 294/2 310/1, IKP 1/136, VBR FW: V]  (DKV) HDO (B1)
Black and white

Cole has a 4H for pointing in the Derby, a 4H for duck search in the Solms, a 4H for nose in the IKP and a 4H for search without a duck in his VGP and at the 2007 IKP he was a Suchen Sieger (Search Champion).    There is not much one should have to say.  The only area he has not received a 4H in is search...

Cole was rated "V" by Michael Hammerer while in Germany.  He usual weighs about 80 pounds is a very stout dog. has a great head carries himself very nicely.

Cole had produced one litter which contained a "V" rated dog.  Most dogs were not tested.   But all are great family/hunting dogs.

I ran Cole in his Solms when he was 12 months old, he received his first 4h at that time.  (1j)

 At 2 years of age when most dogs from his breed year were running the solms, he ran the VGP.  We got a price 2 due to blood work (handler problems).  We also ran our first international test that fall.   We failed youngest dog there, not a problem, it had more to do with the handler.

At 3 years of age he ran the VGP again with a better handler (Andreas Schmidt) and got a prize 1, 4h in search without a duck  he  also ran the IKP that year prefect score 4h in Nose tied for 3rd out of  198 dogs.

Waiting List: 
If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a pup out of one of our breeding please contact us and we will talk about it.   When one is getting a puppy there has to be some trust.   I will trust you by putting you on our waiting list for a puppy without a deposit.   I am saying I trust you that yes you want one of my puppies.  You are saying you will take one when they are born.  Once they are born we require a deposit and the trust shifts  We do have people on the list for both litters.   Once the breeding happens we will post expected whelp dates.   We do not have AKC registered dogs or pups.

We will take Deposits.  The deposits are $400.  It is refundable if we do not have pups.  We will also refund it if we have agreed upon the sex for your puppy and we do not have one.   We will not take a deposit by color.


All pups are $850, plus shipping and crate if required.  We will fly pups out if need be.   Pups go home at about 8 weeks after required shots, and Micro-Chipping.



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