Anticipated Breedings  2016

We are proud to announce the upcoming breeding of Nina to Luger vom Gänsehimmel.  She is a good size female and weighs about 68 pounds.

Nina vom Gänsehimmel

D1, S2  FW: V HD frei (B2)(DKV)  Liver

This breeding doubles up on 2 of  our strong dogs Cole vom Gänsehimmel and Cali vom Rahe.    Nina and Luger both have excellent conformation, and are similar style dogs.    They both have excellent noses and are great pointers.    Their willingness to please along with their abilities will make for excellent hunting dogs.  This is a strong line breeding at a COI of 18.29%.

Luger has a big search, points strong, and is a gentle cooperative dog.  He weighs about 75

Luger vom Gänsehimmel

D1, AZP1 FW: V  (DKV) HDO (B1) Black and White
We are proud to announce that we will breed Molly to Garth vom Riverwoods. 

Molly is out of dogs in our kennel that anybody would be proud to own and hunt behind.   Cali and Cole are exceptional dogs.  Molly continues this and brings what they are even further.  Molly received a 4H in field search in her fall test, a testament to ability to properly search for game.

Molly vom Gänsehimmel

D1, AZP1 FW: SG HD frei (A2)(DKV)  Black with white on Chest


The breeding of Molly to Garth brings outside blood into our kennel for the first time in 5 years.    Garth was chosen somewhat on his color ( I needed to use a liver and white stud.)    But mostly on his abilities and blood lines.   He finished all the training he did before he was 17 months old.   The VGP is a very difficult test and for a young dog to complete it with a prize 1 is great.  It shows early maturity and a sound  dog.    The blood lines that are in this stud are similar to Molly.    Maja von der Asseburg,  Pax von der Wenge, and Pöttsiepen dogs.   We hope to produce cooperative dogs from this, with strong pointing and searching  that are a joy to be around all year.  

Garth completed his Derby, Solms, and VGP by the  age of 17 months. Garth is easy to handle showing willingness to work, is cooperative and is a tractable hunting dog. He brings to the table for breeding a sound conformation, liver white ticked, temperament plus along with his outstanding hunting abilities.

Garth vom Riverwoods

D1, D3, S1, VGP/1 307 FW: SG HD frei (B1)(DKV)   Liver and White

We are proud to announce that we will breed Flora to Joker vom Gänsehimmel. 

Flora is a good size female and excellent tracker and pointer.  She is an excellent searcher in the water producing ducks were others have failed.  Her steadiness makes her a true joy to hunt with.

Flora  vom Gänsehimmel

D1, S2  FW: V2 HD frei (A2)(DKV)  Liver and white


Repeat Breeding of our "O" Litter and our "Q Litter" These 2 dogs have very strong characteristics for hunting and have reproduced this in their pups.  

Joker (Joe) is a very stylish dog, he received 2 4h's in his derby one in search and one in nose. In his AZP he got a 4h in nose.  He is a very steady dog. He was hunted on pheasants in 2010 and as a young dog was very impressive tracking down wounded birds and pointing and searching were great.   His pups have been outstanding.

Joker  vom Gänsehimmel

 D1, S2, AZP1 FW: V2  (DKV) HDO (B1)   Black with white Chest