Twas the night before the Test
By Rick Hartle


Twas the night before the test,
And I was getting no rest.
The dogs were in the car
Fast asleep after traveling so far,
Not even making a peep.
The wife as well was fast asleep.

Not me, I had my fears,
And, maybe, too many beers?
Would our best
Be good enough to pass the test?
I tossed and turned in bed,
As all kinds of thoughts ran through my head.

On the search without a duck,
We need a little luck.
What pants would be best for the thistles?
Where the heck are all my whistles?
Did I misplace the ahnentafels?
That would be awful.

Oh, I hope the test goes right
So I can sleep tomorrow night.
Will the judges be fair?
Oh, how they care.
After all, they do so much for the Kurzhaar
But things can be so bizarre. 

What game will they use for the feather drag?
Are my lucky socks in the bag?
Should I wear a cap,
Where is the map?
Maybe the hat with the brim;
I hope the judges are not so grim.

Should I feed the dogs in the morning?
It is a good thing my wife cannot hear me groaning.
I hope the wind does not blow;
I guess it could be worse and snow.
Why do I torture myself with the test,
Causing myself not to get any rest?

I just want my dogs to hunt,
Maybe I shouldn’t be so blunt.
I am sure we will share some beer,
I know we will all want to cheer.
However, at the end of the test day,
I will take the same dog home to hunt and stay.  

Dedicated to all the judges, but especially Rob, Todd, and Dan who judged us in 2008, and to my wife,  Dale York, Andreas and Alieska Schmidt, and to those who have our dogs.    Best wishes to all for the New Year.