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 Ilex von der Wacholderheide  0778/14 
 [D1, S2, VGP 318/1 ÜF FW: sg1(j)/ V]  (DKV) HDO A2)
   gew. 12.04.2014

Mother: Hummel von der Wacholderheide ZB-Nr. 0742/12
Father: Skip vom Entenpfuhler Forst ZB-Nr. 0621/11

Ilex did his  VGP before the age of 18 months.  
He stays in check with his handler during driven hunts showing that he is a great cooperative dog.  
Before leaving Germany he was in the home with 3 small Children the youngest a 3 year old.   He is a gentle dog.

Ilex's hunting in North America (North Dakota) shows that he knows how to use his nose to find birds whether dead or alive.   Loves to search cover to include cattails. Best described as A bird finding machine.

Ilex has a diverse background in his pedigree and would compliment most females.    Ahnentafel

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