Bailey doing a fox retrieve over an obstacle. (Part of the VGP test)

Training of  your Deutsch Kurzhaar:    I have listed below the materials that I feel comfortable recommending.   The training of your pup should start as soon as you get it home.   The beginning commands of sit, no, and come.   The play retrieves, but the most important part of training your dog is spending time with it.   I do not feel training is an hour a day job with the young dog.   They have a short attention span, and as such need constant short lessons.   This can only be done if you are spending time with it.    This to me will bring out the best in your dog.  There are other ways that work, but our dogs are meant to be a part of your family.

These dogs can advance and be hunting for you at an early age.  Their often only limited by the handler.  I do believe that a puppy should be allowed to play and be a puppy.  That there is nothing better for training a young dog than to take it to the field where the birds are and let it learn.


Recommended Readings

DRAHTHAAR PUPPY MANUAL (Source)   I recommend this book for anybody getting a puppy and interested in the German way of testing.    Although centered on JGHV testing the VJP and HZP it will help guide you through your German test and has great training ideas and a training schedule guideline to give you  ideas of when a pup should be doing something this is just a guideline though each dog is an individual.

ARMBRUSTER TRAINING MANUAL  Source please contact me if you are interested in one and we will try to work it out?  This book covers a lot and would not only get you through most test but also help you to make a fine hunting dog.  It has step by step procedures, and also covers common mistakes.

Smart Fetch by Evan Graham (Source)  This is an easy to understand approach to Force Breaking a dog to fetch.  This book or DVD explains very well what needs to be done and to what extent.  There is a simple to read booklet or the DVD's.  Available through many sources.

The Training and Care of the Versatile Hunting Dog  (Source)   Often referred to as the Green book from NAVHDA it covers everything to make your dog a Versatile dog.  Also items such as building a training table

How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves (Paperback) by Joan Bailey  This is a great book for the first time owner.  It helps you to work with the puppy from the time you get it home till you take it hunting helping to get the most of it the easiest way.    The link I have listed is if you do not find it there just do an internet search by title and you should find it or go to the book store it should be available.
Deutsch Kurzhaar Testing/Training
The training of your pup should center around your hunting and testing.   This is why I like the German testing system.  The German testing system helps you to train your pup to be a versatile hunting dog for you.   By hunting your dog when it is young and with proper training you will be able to pass the test.   By training for the test you will have the best hunting dog you have ever had.   

The spring test (Derby) involves simple dog work in the field to show how well the dog searches, points, cooperates and what type of desire, and nose the dog has.    The obedience required is minimal, just what I would call a well behaved dog.   The dog should be well exposed to birds and be pointing and holding on point.  We are not talking about a finished dog here.  If your dog is hunting for you this test is easy.

The fall test (Solms) is more advanced but has very little in that the average hunter would not use or expect from the dog.   Again the same items that were looked at in the Derby will be evaluated.  Plus the dog will have to do retrieves.    So in the Solms there is more training required.   Your dog will have to do duck searches.   A rabbit retrieve.   These are all good game management items that your dog should be doing tracking game and not loosing wounded game in the field.     Force breaking the dog is recommend very few handlers take a dog to a test like this that are not force broke.   The Smart Fetch, and Green book do a good job of covering this.   The dog should have been on a lot of birds and be pointing good.  The dog should hold a point long enough that you could shoot the bird.   Another words it should not be busting birds.  You should be able to tell  for sure the dog is pointing.   But it is not required to be steady to flush at this test.  However it should be obedient and return to you.   Ok, one of the items in the Solms is the rabbit drag.   A dead rabbit is drug for 500 paces.   Your dog will be expected to track and retrieve it.    For many this is not an item that might interest them.   But this is no different than tracking a wounded pheasant or other game bird, only yes it is fur.  So condition your dog to fur.   I find most of ours do not mind it, in fact some seem to really love fur.   Then there is the  blind duck search.  Here your dog should search for a duck on a pond until you recall it.   There should be good cover and your dog should not just search the water but also the banks.

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Other Books I recommend to learn about the DK

Der Deutsch Kurzhaar    (Source)  This book was out of print for the longest time and if you could find it you paid dearly for it.   It was brought back in paperback edition and some  color photos added.   It covers all German shorthairs.  In most countries giving you history and top performers.  It also covers genetics.  In the DK they speak of the origin of the dog, and great dogs out of kennels and the kennels that helped to shape the DK.

The Complete German Shorthair Pointer (by Herr H.F. Seiger and Dr. F. von Dewitz-Colpin)  This book is hard to find as it has been out of print for a long time.    It was written by 2 Germans for Americans.  It covers only the DK though.   It explains very well how the DK was developed the thought process and why we have the test we do in the DKV.  I recommend you search and find this book, you will not regret it if you are interested in the DK.   Just little things like why it is important to have the chest the right size etc are covered.

Here is one source available today (JAN 2010) but they go fast you must search.  (Source) (2nd Source)