A Tribute to Gabe

You were born Condor,
With a large beautiful head.
Your body large and beautiful,
With a few spots but you
Had enough white to make you flashy.
You caught my eye and it was a hard choice,
Letting you go, you were bold.

But it was decided you should go to Dale.
Which made it so much easier
knowing you were going to a good home,
where you would be hunted and tested,
and I could see you. They named you Gabe,
And you did yourself proud standing steady,
For backing at 7 months of age for extended
Periods of time. Your nose was strong,
Your run was large and big, from the beginning it
Was easy to see that you loved the field and birds.

Testing came and you made it looks so easy getting
Through the Derby and Solms with ease;
As a breeder I was so proud of you.
Then you were challenged with the VGP,
Once again you shone, and I was so proud.

It was decided you should show your stuff in Germany
You were trained hard and sent over ahead to get
  When we joined you, it was such a thrill for
Me when you showed the Germans what you could do
On the big water during training.
However, when the big day came it was Not meant to be,
your nose got you in trouble on the water work
When you went into a restricted area
out of bounds after Duck scent;
so although you didn’t pass the test you did
What a hunting dog should do, that is use your nose.
Oh, we were so proud and I thought Dale’s head
Was going to burst when a German told him,
Oh, I hope my dog grows up to look like that.
I know your breeder’s chest was sure pumped up.

Gabe, you were a joy to hunt with, your passion was
Great to watch, your cooperation and desire to please,
Were so great. You were always protective
and a loyal dog, not to the Degree of being
a one master dog though.
You loved everybody and thought everybody
Loved you. Now you have gone and left us, leaving
A very large hole with thoughts of hunts we did not get to do
And testing not done.  Rest in peace, you great Deutsch Kurzhaar.

By Rick Hartle