Stud Dog Used In Our Breedings

Vito vom Osterberg


VJP 75 S3, AZP 3, VGP 301/1 FW: V HDO (A2)
NAVHDA NA 1/112, UT 2/200, 1/197, 1/202, 1/196

Trained owned and hunted
by Kevin MacWilliams

Vito is about 64 1/2 cm or 25 1/2 inches and weighs around 66 pounds.  Vito  was trained by a first time handler to the German system. He was very easy to train and a natural retriever. He is an extremely loyal DK that will give 110 percent every time a field. He is a very biddable DK with an excellent disposition. Vito works weekly as a therapy dog in the nursing homes. He is quiet in the car/truck and at home.


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