Stud Dog Used In Our Breedings

Yoshi vom Riverwoods

D1, AZP1, HN, HD:A2, FW:V
Trained, owned, and hunted
by Ed Eisenbeisz

68cm (27in), 37kg (81lbs)

Conformation highlights include large, very strong muscular, but still elegant male. Beautiful male head. Perfect dry neck. Topline correct. Front & rear angulation correct. Dog has excellent movement for large male. Very nice reach & extremely parallel & straight front & back. Excellent male!  




Brock (Yoshi) is a noble dog always aiming to please his handler.

Brock possesses exceptional natural abilities with a methodical search and use of nose, he will adapt to any terrain. He has displayed great stamina in  (80°F) early season ND upland prairie hunts for grouse and partridge. Yet Brock will pound through heavy snow covered cattail sloughs of SD and ND for hours on end in search of pheasants in late season subzero winters. Brock’s focus is to produce and retrieve game, whether on land or water. Brock’s search for duck is exceptional and has great cooperation and desire to please his handler.

For individuals looking for the exceptional combination of conformation, cooperation, desire, prey drive and a calm demeanor around the house, Brock will produce excellent pups.



Brock has great prey drive in the field, yet a very calm and affectionate demeanor around the house or duck blind, and a special soft spot for kids. He is dubbed the “Rock Star” at the local youth Pheasants Forever hunts in ND.