Anticipated Breedings
We are proud to Announce that we have bred Molly to Beier, Anticipate puppies around 1 Feb 2019

Molly vom Gänsehimmel


D1, AZP1 FW: SG HD frei (A2)(DKV)

Black with white on Chest



Molly is out of dogs in our kennel that anybody would be proud to own and hunt behind.   Cali and Cole are exceptional dogs.  Molly continues this and brings what they are even further.  Molly received a 4H in field search in her fall test, a testament to ability to properly search for game.

The breeding of Molly to Beier,  Doubles up on  Ivo vom Osterberg, Ronja vom Osterberg, and KS Roncali von der Asseburg       Beier's color also had alot to do with the choice; we needed a liver and white male, he has great dark pigment.    But he was chosen alot on his abilities speaking with his breeder, and owner.  
The blood lines that are in this stud  gives us a line breeding on Osterberg and Asseburg lines.   KS Pöttmes.   We hope to produce cooperative dogs from this breeding, with strong pointing and searching  that are a joy to be around all year.  

 Draft Pedigree for this litter.          

Beier vom Nordstern
 [D2, HZP 189,  FW: V]  (DKV) HDO A2)

Liver and White


Beier has a calm quiet disposition and lives in the house with his family. When time for hunting comes, he turns the switch and is ready to go to work. With his fine nose and solid pointing he hunts the forests, fields, and wetlands of Minnesota and the Dakotas. In the forest he hunts with a natural close range and in the open grasslands he ranges out yet always hunting for the gun. His use of nose and desire to retrieve on water is undeniable as reflected in his HZP score of 12 in search behind the duck. The Judges explanation for the 12 in search behind the duck: An extraordinary wide, intense and independent search under the most difficult conditions, without any influence form the handler. The dog found several ducks. Beier's handler had no prior experience training for or testing in the DKV/JGHV system.

More Info On Beier

Beier's Ahnentafel

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Waiting List: 
If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a pup out of one of our breeding please contact us and we will talk about it.   When one is getting a puppy there has to be some trust.   I will trust you by putting you on our waiting list for a puppy without a deposit.   I am saying I trust you that yes you want one of my puppies.  You are saying you will take one when they are born.  Once they are born we require a deposit and the trust shifts  We do have people on the waiting list.   Once the breeding happens we will post expected whelp dates.   We do not have AKC registered dogs or pups.

We will take Deposits.  The deposits are $400.  It is refundable if we do not have pups.  We will also refund it if we have agreed upon the sex for your puppy and we do not have one.   We will not take a deposit by color.

All pups are $1000, plus shipping and crate if required, additional fees for flying which include health certificate.  We will fly pups out if need be.   Pups go home at about 9 weeks after required shots, and Micro-Chipping and tattooing.