Anticipated Breedings  2021/2022
We have Several Breedings planned for the fall/winter time Frame as things develop, we will announce them.     But if you wish to visit with me about them call or e-mail, we do already have a waiting list.

Waiting List: 
If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a pup out of one of our breeding please contact us and we will talk about it.   When one is getting a puppy there has to be some trust.   I will trust you by putting you on our waiting list for a puppy without a deposit.   I am saying I trust you that yes you want one of my puppies.  You are saying you will take one when they are born.  Once they are born we require a deposit and the trust shifts  We do have people on the waiting list.   Once the breeding happens we will post expected whelp dates.   We do not have AKC registered dogs or pups.

We will take Deposits.  The deposits are $500.  It is refundable if we do not have pups.  We will also refund it if we have agreed upon the sex for your puppy and we do not have one.   We will not take a deposit by color.

All pups are $1200, plus shipping and crate if required, additional fees for flying which include health certificate.  We will fly pups out if need be.   Pups go home at about 8 weeks after required shots, and Micro-Chipping and tattooing.